Ranching, Hunting, Rural Property in the Abilene, TX, and Big Country Area
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Our Unique Approach

photoWho are our Buyers and Sellers?

  • Individuals looking for a lifestyle change, personal or company retreat.
  • Those looking to upgrade or downsize from their current home or property.
  • Existing ranchers looking to expand current operations.
  • Hunters, either looking for high fenced exotic ranches, or low fenced ranches where you will find whitetail or native animals.
  • Horse enthusiasts looking for property either for pleasure or for professional use.
  • High net worth clients pursuing the Western lifestyle and who are in search of a “Trophy Ranch” or a second home.
  • Investors wanting investment property in an area of appreciating values or for future development, as well as doing 1031 tax deferred exchanges.


Selling a property is not simply about the best marketing, it requires an intimate knowledge of that property and the surrounding area. We combine a knowledgeable team with the latest and greatest of technologies in order to stay in front of active buyers.

* Our Web Site: 
If you have a property for sale we’ll list it on our website, which we are constantly updating so that your property for sale gets the most exposure.

* Referrals: 
There’s an old adage, “Word of mouth is the best form of advertising” When it comes to selling your property. We rely on past clients and fellow Brokers to pass on the word about your property and to help sell your property. Referrals are the best way to do business and we appreciate them.

* Lands Of Texas: This website is one of the largest property databases in the country, and TurnKey Ranch Real Estate is a proud Premiere Platinum member. By being a member, the property is syndicated to 1000+ websites.

* MLS: All of our Realtors are members of the Board of Realtors with exclusive access to the MLS.

What Sets Our Company Apart

Not only do we help clients find properties and sell their current ones, we are teamed up with our sister company, TurnKey Ranch Development, to provide an even higher level of service and added benefit to our clients . Together as a team, we are able to show clients how to create a custom ranch property by planning, managing and constructing all aspects of the project. We handle everything from earth moving, water features, land clearing, fencing, roads, steel buildings, horse facilities, hunting facilities, custom homes and much more. Together we have the vision and the expertise to assist our clients with making smart improvement choices that will give you the best investment gains. Please visit TurnKey Ranch Development’s website at www.TurnKeyRanch.com.

Words We Live By

James P. Owen, author and CEO of The Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership, wrote the book Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street Can Learn from The Code of the West. The ten simple principles that he listed in the book are based upon the unwritten code that cowboys have lived by for years; a code that Owen seeks to apply to modern life.

cowboycodeAt TurnKey Ranch Real Estate, we believe that this code is applicable to the way people live and do business today. We strive to follow these simple principles in every aspect of our business to ensure that the buyers, sellers, and other brokers we work with can rely on TurnKey Ranch Real Estate.

  • Live Each Day with Courage
  • Take Pride in Your Work
  • Always Finish What You Start
  • Do What Has To Be Done
  • Be Tough, But Fair
  • When You Make a Promise, Keep It
  • Ride for the Brand
  • Talk Less and Say More
  • Remember That Some Things Aren’t For Sale
  • Know Where to Draw the Line